API methods

General concepts

Interaction with the SailPlay API is built on HTTP/HTTPS-queries. All parameters are passed on in formats GET(POST)-queries. The response always returns data in JSON format.

To increase the security of transmitted data, we recommend the usage of HTTPS-queries to the API-systems. In this case, all the HTTPS-queries should be addressed strictly to the domain "sailplay.net”.

In the following text we will use the definitions below:

  • Transaction - any action associated with charge/withdrawal of bonus points from the user, using the API (includes purchase, redeeming bonus points for gifts, accrual of bonus points).
  • Token (token) – unique session identifier used in the authorization system for SailPlay partners.
  • PIN-code (PIN) - a numerical code used in some queries to the API SailPlay (e.g. authorization). Intended purpose - to separate parts of the partner's system for the construction of further intelligence.
  • Order number (order_num) - main order ID used to synchronize orders in your system and SailPlay. SailPlay imposes no restrictions on the format of this parameter.
  • Client ID - ID of the customer, used to compare clients in your system and SailPlay. Customer ID can serve as a phone number, e-mail or origin_user_id (user ID in your system).